Victor is a kind narrow-gauge engine who liges at the Works.

Bio Edit

Long ago, Victor was painted yellow and green and worked on sugar plantations in Cuba. The Fat Controller was refurbishing his engine works at Crovan's Gate and decided he wanted an engine to shuttle parts and machinery around the workshops, so Victor was called in to help.

Victor traveled overseas for many days when the cargo ship made a stop, and a small green engine came on board. Victor could not speak english, so he could not communicate with the engine or anyone on the boat. This caused a great deal of trouble, when a storm had swept into the scene and snapped the chains holding his wheels in place. Victor's handbrakes had not been properly secured, so he was rolling very precariously back and fourth as the ship rolled into port. When the little green engine was lifted by Cranky the Crane, he bumped into Victor and knocked him into the sea.

For many years, Luke, the small green engine, believed that Victor was scrapped after he was left in the ocean for a long time, but Victor was mended stayed at Crovan's Gate Works. Eventually, when Thomas found Luke hiding out at The Blue Mountain Quarry, the mystery was solved, and Luke was well aware that he hadn't taken Victor out of commission. The two engines are now good friends, and are happy that both of them know "the whole story" at last!